Watch case refinishing & replating

We are proud to show you a  new watch case restoration & replating. The watch is and old Herodia with the legends Ancre 17 Rubis in black ink and Antimagnetic in red ink. We Have removed the scratches from the watch case and after this We have make a gold plating: 5 microns in 18 Kt. In this sense, We have refinishing the crown and the set of hand. The dial have been restored, too. Well done!
Second part. The face of the watch is well done, We had seen above. However, the back of the watch is very important, too. Is not it? Well, Here you can see the result of refinishing the stainless steel back of the Watch with the embossing inscriptions: Herodia, Fond Acier Inoxidable (stainless steel back) with the case number 11535

Refinish and replate watch case is a work done by Danafi from Barcelona, Spain.

Client's Country: London, England.
Brand watch: Herodia
Ancre 17 Rubis and Antimagnetic
The work done in the watch are:
-Restore and refinishing the case by removing the scratches and replating (gold plated)
-Restore the dial respecting the Plain Butler Dial (Silvered) color, the original brand Herodia.
-Restore and finishing the handle and cronw.
-New crystal.
-Repair and adjust the mechanism.
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  1. No te lo vas a creer, ¡¡¡Pero tengo ese mismo reloj, cuyo número de serie es 11534!!! Era de mi abuelo. ¿Sigues reparando relojes? ¿Donde puedo encontraros?