Slava dual time zone watch dial

From USA We have received this rare Slava dual timezone watch dials. The original color were blue and the client wanted a fine restore for this special russian dials. Here you are a photo to the dials before the restoration:

The 3 dials have a special color: a deep blue color and the print in white color. We hope that you like the result. Here you are the dilas fine restored by our workshop Danafi from Barcelona.

Omega Geneve refurbished and restored caliber 601


This is our latest  COMPLETE MAINTENANCE SERVICE  done to a vintage Omega. This watch is working with a movement caliber 601. The dial (this is the face of the watch, showing the time) is plain butler (Silver) and has 12 embossed sticks. The sticks were punched from the bottom of the surface and then polished to the original tone of the dial, in this case in golden tone, with contrast to the finished surface; silvered. We have restored the dial as to original, of course.

The case has been polished and refurbished to original Omega specifications (polishing and satin-finishing).
We hope you like the photos.

Rotary Aquaplunge watch dial restoration

Rotary Watches is an award-winning worldwide brand of classic timepieces. The firm was founded in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds. 

In this sense We are proud  to show you a restauration of a mythical model. The Aquaplunge Rotary watch dial as to original. The dial was in very bad condition and how you can see, the tachymeter scale and the legend Aqauplunge doesn’t show fine. The restoration well done respect all the marks, brands and scales; the background is 2 tones (black and secondary dials white) and the 8 sticks and the Arabic number 6 and 12 with luminescent ink. We wish you like the result.

Client's Country: South Africa

Brand watch: Rotary
Model: Aquaplunge
Work done: Rrefinishing and refurbishing of the dial
Work done by: Specialist Workshop in Watch dial restoration from Barcelona

The next picture, We show the dial before restoration:

Le Coultre Futurematic

The dial of this watch LeCoultre modelo futurematic is very beautiful by its pure line and vanguard  concept. In the 3h position we can see the sub-second dial and the 9h position there is the power reserve indicator with a red segment for the last time reserve (around 9h). 
This dial is done with a toble tone background that give to the dial a subtle finishing and keep the original apperance. This is the dial before do the restoration:

 Here you are the result:

Client's Country: England. 
Brand watch: Le Coultre
Model: Futurematic
Work done: Rrefinishing and refurbishing of the dial

Dogma Prima watch resotration

This is our latest watch restoration done in our workshop. This is a Dogma Prima watch and we have gold plating and replating the case. This deal has been restored respecting all the brands —Doma Prima, Ancre 15 rubis, Antimagnetic— and the embossed patern. Very nice watch, isn't it?

Client's Country: Sevilla, Spain. 
Brand watch: Dogma
Model: Prima
Date of entry into the workshop: 02/04/2016
Departure Date and delivery: 30/07/2016

Buser Freres watch dial restoration

Here you are the last restoration done by Danafi, Specialist workshop in watch dial restorations. The restoration done is a Buser Frères dial with 2 tones. It is a beautiful dial because the background dial has the gold tone and silver. The dial has the Arabic numbers and sticks embossed in gold color with 12 luminescent dots. 

Breitling Cadette watch restoration and repair

This is a very nice watch, a real vintage Breitling Cadette fo restore. In this sense, the origianlk watch was in very poor state, This is the watch before the restoration:

 But We have done a restoration  as to original respecting the scales, the colors (black, red and blue), gold-inlaid arabic numbers... The hands, gold case, machinery and pushers have been restored

Restoration done by watch restoration and repair in Barcleona