We would like to show you a new watch repair and restoration. This a special restoration because the owner of the watch wanted the dial customized with his name and surname: Joan Bel.
The brand of the watch is Duward, a Spanish watch brand since 1930 and the model is Océanic Aquastar 200 m.


Dear friends, we have done a new restoration and We would like to share the result with you. The dial is a Tissot watch and We can see a curved dial. Very special dial because the sticks are embossed, they can not be dismounted and this issue difficult the restoration. Very difficult restoration but the result is excellent.
Look at the result:
... and now the dial before restuaracion:

Lemania Tg 95 watch dial restoration

Dear friends,
We are proud to show you a new restoration. A very good watch dial restoration. The watch is a Lemania Tg 195. A military watch with their peculiarities and the owner wanted to conserve its.
We have make the dial in black background and keep the Lemania logo, 'Tg195' and second/minute track with numbers exactly the same font... Finally, we repainted the numerals with lumen in beige/yellow colour. We hope that the photos are good for all you.

Here you are the image of the dial before the restoration:

Finally, her you are the watch mounted with the dial and hands restored:

Client's Country: Japan
Brand watch: Lemania
Model: Tg 195

Work done:
  • Restore the dial respecting the background black color, the original brands Lemania Tg 195 as well as the "swiss made" mark on it
  • Restoration luminiscent (glow "aged") arabic numbers
  • Restore the hands

Chronometre Cauny Prima Watch repair and restoration.

A new restoration of a beautiful watch, don't you think? This old watch is a Cauny Prima chronometre "La chaux-de-fonds Ancre17 Rubis" and Antimagnetic. We start with the restoration of the dial. The Dial was restored exactly as to original as to can see in the next Photos:

And you can compare it with the dial before the restoration:
We show the whole watch before restoration:
Detail of the case:

The next step will be show us the watch completely restored:

Client's Country: Aberdeen, Scotland.
Brand watch: Cauny
Model: Prima |
La chaux-de-fonds ancre17 Rubis | Antimagnetic