Breitling Cadette watch restoration and repair

This is a very nice watch, a real vintage Breitling Cadette fo restore. In this sense, the origianlk watch was in very poor state, This is the watch before the restoration:

 But We have done a restoration  as to original respecting the scales, the colors (black, red and blue), gold-inlaid arabic numbers... The hands, gold case, machinery and pushers have been restored

Restoration done by watch restoration and repair in Barcleona

Rolex red letter submariner watch restoration

We are glad to show you the last restoration done our workshop from Barcelona. The restoration is a Rolex red letter Submariner watch whole restoration and refinishing. The dial was in cracked over the Submariner red letters. Here you are the result:

Rolex red letter submariner restoration

Rolex red letter submariner restoration

Client's Country: Spain
Brand watch: Rolex
Model: Submariner red letter
Work done: Rolex Dial Refinished