Where we can lead our watch dial to custom? Who can do a professional personalization watch dial? A professional workshop in Spain is Danafi, specialist in watch dial restoration and custom watch dial.
We are proud to show you a special personalization of Roger Dubis Dial. The customer wants the Spanish royal coat of arms in the middle of the dial. You can see the final work in this pictures.

Watch: Roger Dubuis, horleger genevois
Model: Bulletin d'Observatoire
Work done by Danafi:
personalization watch dial


Dear friends,
we have done a new work for a special friend. He wanted his watch customized or personalized and he requested a special work... he wanted the same dial (but refinished for a professionals dialers, of course) with his surname iesus in lowercase. This was his desire and we have worked to make it reality. We show some images the finished work:

PROFESSIONAL DIAL REFINISHING AND CUSTOM DIAL by DANAFI. You can read more about this theme or subject in: watch and dial design
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