Dear J,

We are pleased to show some photos of the parts of your Arlea watch.The watch is in the assembly phase. Soon we will be able to show you the watch finished.
  • Restore the dial respecting the background red color, the original brand Arlea as well as the "swiss" mark on it.
  • Restoration luminiscent (glow) numbers.
  • Restore de case and gold plating.
  • Restore the hands.
  • Repair of machinery.
Client's Country: Czech republic.
Brand watch: Arlea
Date of entry into the workshop: 07/2009
Departure Date and delivery: /02/2010

Case before restoration

Case after restoration

Arlea machinery

Dial before restoration

Dial after restoration

Complete Arlea watch before restoration

Finally, here we show the Arlea watch completely restored

Restoration by Danafi

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  1. Hi I have an ARLEA watch which I inherited and am looking for further details on it in regards to year of mfg, history and current cost as is. I have pics of front and back but don't know how to attach them here !! Watch does not have strap.